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Imaginary Friend, Stephen Chbosky

I believe that horror can be an incredible tool for social commentary. I’ve read horror novels that have made me question what humans are capable of, or made me ask myself what I thought about other-ness, or how perception can totally change your life. But I have absolutely no idea what I was supposed to get from Chbosky after Imaginary Friend.

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The End of Eddy, Édouard Louis

I had never heard of Edouard Louis until March when I read his featured article in the New York Times Magazine. And I was incredibly intrigued. Who was this French writer who had been upending French literature for years? Why hadn’t I ever heard of him? I keep up with popular books and there are translations of his work in English. How had I literally never heard of The End of Eddy?

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Beach Read, Emily Henry

Wow. Beach Read was so good. Like, first 5 star rating on Goodreads good. It was supposed to be a light read, a romance author helps a modern fiction author believe that love is real. But it was also so much more. Hope and discovery and vulnerability and loss and family and truth. And I was so in love with the characters, Henry did an amazing job.

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Verity, Colleen Hoover

Oh girl. Oh girlllll. Girlllllllllll. This book is awful. Easily in the bottom five books I’ve ever read. And I’ve read a lot of books. So TLDR: DO NOT READ THIS BOOK. If you want to know why I’m lambasting Verity, and by association Hoover, read on. But be warned, it ain’t pretty…

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