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Month: October 2016

Quick Recommendations

I’m in the middle of Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, and while I pride myself on being a quick reader, there’s only so much one person can do with a thousand pages. So while I’m¬†finishing I’m going to share a list of recommendations for books that I’ve read and absolutely loved.

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Diary, Chuck Palahniuk

What the heck did I just read.

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Mister Paradise, Tennessee Williams

I love plays. I love love love plays. Straight plays, musicals, reading scripts, watching shows, being involved in the production or watching one acts. If I could be anything, besides a wizard, I would be a play write.

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The Fall, Albert Camus

Are you ever listening to a friend and you feel like they’ve talked for ages without stopping? Our main character is like that, times ten, with lots of existentialism, realism, and modernism mixed in.

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