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The Proposal, Jasmine Guillory

This book was cute! Not a lot of intellectual simulation, or amazing writing, or inventive plot points, but Guillory definitely knows how to do cute! So if cute is what you aim for, then it’s probably worth it! But in all honesty, I was underwhelmed.

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Daisy Jones & The Six, Jenkins Reid

Guess who just finished their Book of The Month Club March book! I’ll give you a hint, it’s me. And let me tell you, as someone who adores both books and music, I was really looking forward to Jenkins Reid’s latest work!

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The Cabin at the End of the World, Tremblay

I read A Head Full of Ghosts by Tremblay in college for a mystery-horror project and just absolutely loved it. The writing was super impressive and the story was so good. And the fact that he was able to wrap it all up in social commentary was superb. So when I saw Tremblay’s recently released Cabin, and I saw Stephen King said it was Tremblay’s best work, I knew I needed to read it ASAP.

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Five Feet Apart, Rachael Lippincott

Lippincott does an incredible job of shining light on Cystic Fibrosis in this sweet story about two teens who fall in love but can never touch. Did I read this up because my best friend and I love Cole Sprouse? And because I’m the kind of person that likes to read the book before seeing the movie? Maybe. But that doesn’t matter. What does matter is that I read it, and I liked it. Let me tell you why.

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The Great Alone, Kristin Hannah

What a beautiful title, The Great Alone. As an extravert, the alone thing sounds rough. But this is about wild Alaska in the 70’s. And in this book, Hannah paints a wild, incredible, strange image of the wilderness in nature and man.

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The Hazel Wood, Melissa Albert

For the first time ever, Target has failed me. Because this book was part of their bookclub and the reviews on the back were glowing. But it was legit the worst. Sorry Albert.

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Emergency Contact, Mary H. K. Choi

After being emotionally beaten down by A Little Life, I wanted something light. But still good and enjoyable and sweet. Choi’s Emergency Contact delivered.

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A Little Life, Hanya Yanagihara

You guys. What did Yanagihara do to me.

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The Chaos of Longing, Robinson

there’s a universe swirling inside you. you have to learn to be your own earth, wind, fire and water. you are a natural phenomenon- not a natural disaster.

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A Stranger in the House, Lapena

A Stranger in the House will have you asking yourself who the stranger is. And then you’ll answer that question fairly quickly. Then the big plot twist isn’t that big. Then you’ll be sad. Probably. Sorry Lapena.

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