Do you have that favorite author that you can always go back to? Like, you need a mental vacation so you pick up that one author that’s enjoyable but not going to ruin your life? Mine’s Sandra Brown.

I would say Harry Potter (because duh) but I’m super emotionally invested in those so they aren’t always the quick get-away I need. My girl Sandra, however, has about fifty novels that are prefect for a quick(ish), compelling, and enjoyable read. I just got up and counted (oh the effort) and I now have fourteen of them in my bookshelf. And those are just my favorites.

Sting, isn’t my number one fav but it still has all the elements of her work that I love.

Here’s a little baby plot summery because it’s really hard not to give anything away. Our main character, who’s nickname is Jordie (which is rough), is a classy lady. She’s minding her own business at a bar and a few seats down are two men planning to kill her. What actually ends up happening is one of them, Shaw, shoots his partner and takes off with Jordie for parts unknown. We learn that Jordie’s brother was caught up in a recent crime and his evil partner probably put out the hit. But it gets way complicated after that so you’ll just have to read it yourself. *smirk emoji


Sting book cover

As for intellectual value, this book is well written. It, like her other novels, has wonderful cliff hanging chapter ends. It will make you want to finish quickly and solve the mystery. This one is less solve and more find the guy who we know is bad but is still very good. Not to mention it has one of Brown’s iconic touches. I fondly call it the “in the last few pages we’re going to reveal something that makes everything you know a lie and you’re going to love it” move. But you know what they say, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. The dialogue is good, the characters are believable, and the mystery is fun. It has all the bases covered.


I liked it a lot. Like I mentioned, it isn’t my new favorite or anything but it is still a good story. I also like that her novels have just enough romance to keep things interesting without turning into a total fluff piece. She does have novels are strictly romance and even those aren’t just fluff pieces. (See Rainwater and Two Alone.)

Some of my other favorites are, off the top of my head and in no order I would include Deadline, Chill Factor, Lethal, Envy, French Silk, The Switch, The Crush, Smashcut, Exclusive, The Alibi, The Witness, and Ricochet. Like I said, I’m a big fan. So if you need an enjoyable mystery, pick one up! I’ve read everything she’s published (I believe) and haven’t been disappointed yet.

PS please look up the book covers for Mean Streak and Friction, compare them to Sting and let me know what you find. Either we’re purposely creating a new book theme or we need to hire a new jacket designer.