Fun fact: I’ve watched five episodes of Grey’s Anatomy in my life.

I tend to get sucked into shows (don’t get me started on this y’all) so I knew a show with more than ten seasons would get me emotionally involved and according to my FB feed, there would be no recovering.

But my best friend loves it. He loves Desperate Housewives, Friends, Glee, and he just watched Grey’s Anatomy for the first time over the summer. So when I went to visit, every night we watched an episode or two. I liked it even though it was a little confusing, I came in at the end of season two. But then Denny died and I decided I could really never watch the show.

So with five episodes of Grey’s under my belt and a general awareness of Scandal/How to Get Away With Murder I went into Rhimes’ book unsure of what I would actually get out of it.

In my infinite ego, I assumed it was a self help book and I didn’t really need it. Not that my life was perfect by any stretch, but what does someone who has ‘made it’ know about what I need? But my Dad recommended it and he has the best taste in everything (I did science and this is 100% proven true) so I figured I might as well.

Y’all please go buy and this book and read it instead of reading what I have to say about it.

It’s funny and relatable, it has sound advice and encouraging words. It also helped explain why Rhimes and her shows were such a big deal. I thought she had figured out the magic drama/soap opera formula and that’s why all of her shows were successes. And while I still think there is lots of soap going on (there can only be so many dramatic deaths) there’s so much more. Rhimes has really carved out a space for minorities in television. She says she didn’t do it for diversity, she’s doing it because this is what real life looks like. She’s just normalizing what real life looks like on television.

That’ll show me to judge a show when I’ve never actually seen it.

But most importantly it is truthful about how things and accomplishments will never fulfill you. Rhimes should know, that woman has things and accomplishments like you wouldn’t believe. But really, being your best self and love are the only two things that can satisfy you. Those two points have transformed her life and I plan on them impacting mine.

So this is my shortest review ever. Not because I couldn’t wax poetic about Rhime’s genius, I could, but because I couldn’t do the impact justice.