Y’all there’s a reason they call him The Boss.

I’ve mentioned before that my parents have always encouraged my book worm ways, they’ve been giving me books my whole life. But I haven’t mentioned a different gift that’s been equally important; music.

 My parents raised me on all sorts of music. All the classics, oldies, mainstream genres, obscure genres and albums you could imagine. Not to mention the concerts and festivals. I could talk about music almost as much as I talk about books.

I grew up listening to Springsteen’s music, my Dad had a particular fondness for the album Nebraska. So armed with one of the many bookstore gift cards I got for Christmas, I picked up Born To Run.

As I said when I read Scar Tissue, I don’t really do auto biographies or biographies but I’d read a scribbled napkin if Springsteen wrote it. Thankfully this is much more substantial then a quick note and while it did take awhile for me to finish, I would 200% recommend it. {[Spoiler alert: I’m obsessed]}

Springsteen relays his life story, from humble beginnings and a broken guitar all the way through the Super Bowl and beyond. He describes his childhood and family members. What music influenced him, his decision to follow his dream and how he did it. He completely down plays his own genius, swoon, and is honest about all the hard work he put in. When his career finally starts to pick up, he talks about his band, solo projects, traveling the world, and meeting his idols. His wonderful wife Patti – oh does he sing her praises – and his kids whom he adores. The adrenaline of pouring your soul out in front of thousands of people screaming the lyrics you wrote back to you.

He also talks about the rough patches. His relationship with his father wasn’t an easy one for most of his life. There was some drama with band mates and he’s upfront about his regrets. What struck me most profoundly was his honesty in discussing his mental health. He struggled with it for years, and continues to do so, and is incredibly up front about it. The helplessness, the help that doctors and medicine are able to give him, and how we couldn’t have made it without his red headed woman.

Really, it feels like finding a priceless buried treasure to read his narration behind his lyrics. To see how the lines that I’ve sang a thousand times are even bigger and more beautiful than I thought.

As for the style of the book, if you’ve paid any attention to Springsteen’s songs you already know how he tells stories. Beautifully, honestly, completely. Born To Run is similar.

You can tell it’s the truth, as much truth as he’s allowed to share with us, but the truth through the eyes of someone who sees the world in a unique way.  As if he really was creating his life in the same way he created songs.

If you were wondering, I was a big fan of this one. Yes, it’s a bit long and there are some details that weren’t totally necessary but it was beyond worth it.  So crank up Greetings From Asbury Park NJ, crack this one open, and get to reading. If you need me I’ll be waiting for him to tour the West Coast again.

Finally. The world is ready for Bruce Springsteen.