I went to the happiest place on earth this last week. And no, I’m not talking about Disney World.

Powell's Book store

When you’re 200% a tourist

I’m talking about Powell’s, the largest¬†¬†independent new and used bookstore in the world. And bless her heart, my sister (who I went to visit in Portland) didn’t hurry me when I took 19 years to browse.

I told myself I couldn’t get too many books as I was flying home, but you can guess how that went. So I’m ecstatic to finish my current book and for the new titles on my never ending to read list, but for now we’ll cover good ole Sandra.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a big fan of Brown’s work. She writes mysteries that have a perfect balance of intrigue and romance, and always have a big bang ending. Which is exactly the type of story I wanted to read on a red eye flight.


Hello, Darkness is about Paris Gibson, a reclusive late night radio host, and one of her listeners who calls in to threaten her life. Apparently Paris gave his girlfriend advice that caused a break up and he wants his revenge on both women. This brings the dark but heart of gold criminal psychologist Dean into her life. And apparently they have some sort of history together…. Can they solve the mystery before the caller kills? DUN DUN DUN

While it probably isn’t going to change your life, it is a wonderfully set up plot and it was executed well. Lots of cliff hanger chapter endings, lots of surprise twists, the perfect amount of romance. Not to mention the actual ending of the book; I don’t want to give too much away but I would definitely recommend this one. Especially if you’re looking for something thrilling but enjoyable.

Pardon me while I go on a quick tangent. I know I can be a snob about books (cough YA) but I still believe ultimately reading should be done for enjoyment. That doesn’t mean you have to necessarily enjoy the content of whatever you’re reading; but if you enjoy reading to learn or gaining new perspective or you enjoy reading because of the feelings that come with reading a depressing story, I 100% support that. Obviously not all reading is fun or enjoyable. But I think that’s even more reason to read for joy when you can. Which is why I read tons of mysteries, and sometimes romances, even if they aren’t considered “high literature.” So if you were looking for permission to pick up that one book that looks interesting but will never end up on a syllabus, here it is. Go read to your hearts content.

Related imageConclusion: I’m sure I’ll go on another rant about what high literature even is. Probably even just the definition of literature, at some point. But for now I’ll just stick with recommending Sandra. And say that I’ve got lots of exciting stuff coming down the pipeline so stay tuned.