Holy guacamole.

I didn’t grow up in a cave/without internet so I’d heard about the O.J. trials but it wasn’t until I sat down to read Toobin’s The Run of His Life: The People v. O. J. Simpson, that I really got it.

When I travel I go to bookstores. Yes the tourist stuff and the historical stuff, but give me the heart and soul of the place. I want to see the local book store. Enter Bookshop Santa Cruz and me browsing the aisles for a solid two hours. I picked up some interesting new titles (to be continued) and was about to leave when this one caught my eye. The show had come out, and all that stuff about his parole was going on so I figured I ought to read up on it. Holy guacamole 2.0.

As I was barely alive when O.J.’s first trial occured, so I knew it was a big deal but I didn’t know any details. I always just assumed it was similar, in attention, to that of Casey Anthony’s trial. This does not appear to be the case. Toobin’s book demonstrates how this really was the trial of the century.

Toobin follows the case from pre-murders all the way through the civil suits. All the wild events that occurred after the crime, weird instances during the investigation. The background of all the major players, the ever changing legal teams and jurors, the media circus. And of course the legal components. I’m just going to put this out there real quick: what in the literal world. No wonder it translated well into a show, it reads like a soap opera.

You would think that a book on the crime of the century would be a difficult read. But in an incredibly impressive display of talent, Toobin wrote in such a way that it’s fairly easy to follow along. Important details and background are included without becoming dull, the legal processes is in plain English. He also kept a good pace and considering the timeline drags in many areas of the actual case. That might have been the most impressive feat of all. I imagine it helps that Toobin has been a writer at The New Yorker for years and was actually there at the trial.

 I’ve heard the show is great, and it’s on my list to watch, but if this is something that interests you, you have to read this book. 

“I take my case to trial, hire the Dream Team/Robbie Kardashian, Johnnie Cochran, I seen things”

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