Alternative title suggestion: The Confused.

The Sinner. A woman,  Cora, is chilling on the beach with her husband and child when out of no where she stabs and kills a stranger. Everyone saw her do it, but no one knows why. A fascinating premise if I’ve ever heard of one.

Unfortunately, it did not live up to it’s potential.

The whole book is built on one night from Cora’s past. A past that is alluded to every three seconds but isn’t fully explained until the second to last chapter of the book. And there lies my biggest issue. I was able to guess some of it, but if I have to wait until literally the end of the novel for the core of the story to be explained, I’m too annoyed to appreciate it.

I was also annoyed with all the authorizes involved in the case. One, a policeman with decades of work under his belt and the other a lawyer, who are both disturbed after speaking with Cora. In all your years involved in law, this one chick was the one that haunted you? Caused you to change how you operate? What kind of work were they doing before this case?

That being said, when I wasn’t super annoyed with Hammesfar for stringing me along like this is Tindr or something, I was impressed with the symbolism in the book. The religious bit felt heavy handed but it only served to mimic how Cora felt growing up. It was also interesting to see the religious theme carried throughout the novel. It’s effect on the characters especially. Some examples include Cora’s son (who is never named but only called the boy), the large role of water, her father and his gross habits, Aladdin’s den, her husband.

 I would recommend this book to anyone who is willing to wait patiently for answers. If you hate that, as I do, then you should probably skip it. I haven’t seen the show on USA but is on my list!

I ought to mention the relationship between book and screen.

We always knew books were more fleshed out than the movie versions but 2017 is on some next level. The last three movies I saw in theaters were based on books. And I’m currently watching Little Big Lies which is what? Based on a novel. There are great TV shows written for TV, same for movies, but lately it seems like they have over lapped more than usual. What are your thoughts on this relationship?