Update: Ware means a cabin on a ship, not out in the woods.

A la Girl On The Train, Ware’s Woman in Cabin 10 has a protagonist who’s life is a bit of a mess, she sees something, and no one believes her. So she takes it on herself to find out what happened, a plot twist, the end.

More specifically Lo, our main character, is a travel writer given a once in a lifetime opportunity to write about a luxury cruise. Lo is excited to go on this trip since her house was recently broken into and it left her pretty shaken. She is also in a bit of a rough spot with the bf. Once on the boat she’s kind of a drunk mess and needs some mascara for a fancy dinner. So she innocently knocked on the door next to her’s and a woman let’s her borrow one.

Then the woman gets super weird and basically slams the door. Later, when Lo hears a large splash in the middle of the night, she’s concerned and goes to check on the woman. She’s pretty sure she sees blood and the mysterious woman is now missing. But when she starts to talk about the missing guest, no one has any idea who she is. Or do they?

Dun dun dun.

Maybe not the most original story line ever. But it was good! A la Murder on the Orient Express, having everyone trapped in one location was compelling. And there were some interesting blurbs from the mainland that kept you on your toes.

I didn’t love our main character as she wasn’t very sympathetic, but she was a complicated in an interesting way so at least she had that going for her. Trying to read between the lines and figure out who knew what and who was allied with who was fun.

As you can probably tell by now, I liked this novel but I wasn’t particularly impressed. Part of that comes from Lo making some rookie mistakes while trying to figure out who this mystery woman is.

I think the other part comes from guessing the ending almost correctly. I know I read a lot but even so. If it’s based on the oldest motive in the world at least try to switch it up some.

All that being said, you should read it! Pick it up and then let me know if I’m way off the mark.