Soooooo I went to the Krysten Ritter book signing in town. She is a kind human who said she liked my hair. And after finishing this book, I can confidentially say she is a great writer.

Ritter’s debut novel is about a lawyer Abby Williams, who returns home to investigate life source of the town, the Optimal Plastics factory. There have been reports of possible environmental contamination that’s potentially making people sick. But how do you investigate the company that supports the entire economy?

But that isn’t Abby’s biggest problem. No, that comes in the form of searching for Kaycee Mitchell who’d gone missing back in high school. The girls were friends when they were children but had grown apart over the years. So why did Kaycee leave a trinket in Abby’s locker right before she disappeared? And why  won’t anyone talk about her?

There are old rivals, old flames, family members and secrets. And Abby discovers what happens when you finally face your demons.

Ugh for real y’all need to read this so we can discuss the ending.

But until then let’s discuss style. I liked the writing a lot, Ritter’s talents translate well to novel form. I was also impressed with the way the plot held up considering it was built entirely on two huge secrets the reader doesn’t know.

Unfortunately the same could not be said about the main character. Abby was so unsympathetic that I had a hard time caring about her. There were also some minor plot points that felt unconnected to the rest of the story.

I often thing about the relationship between books and screen, with mixed feelings, but this was a wonderful example of a writer’s crossover success. Overall it was a wonderful mystery read and I would definitely recommend it to everyone who enjoys the genera!