A star crossed lovers story set in New York during the 80’s. What else could you want?

I was browsing through Barns and Noble the other day, casual as hell, already carrying three books, when Libaire’s White Fur caught my eye. And since I’d already broken my ‘I’m only going to get one’ rule, I figured another couldn’t hurt. (This is a cry for help.) Any way, I read the inside flap and was hooked. Seriously, so many intriguing elements and then the first chapter was wild. I had to get it.

Elise, from the wrong side of the tracks, is scraping by in the city. She lives with her gay roommate, dances around to Prince, and one day meets the neighbor Jamie. Jamie is from old money, along with a super famous family, and is currently attending Yale. Their relationship starts as physical obsession and eventually transforms into something deeper.

There’s also a dog, drugs, tons of sex, some bizarre characters, an arrest, guns, and a cross county trip. 

As for the actual story telling, I had a few issues. We were dragging our feet a bit in the middle then rushed to a slightly unsatisfactory ending. I don’t want to give away so I won’t describe it in detail, but it’s the the quintessential rich kid with everything ‘bucks the system’ in only the way a super privileged person can.

But there were also some good things! I thought it was very well written, the descriptions were great, the characters were interesting -if in a tragic way. Libaire really understands people. I also appreciated the sheer 80’s ness of the whole things It asked a lot of questions about societal norms, economic class, and the line between obsession and love.

It wasn’t my new favorite novel of all time but it really was interesting. I’d recommend it to anyone who loves the gritty glam of NY and tragic love of young hearts.