Book 3. Sad.

This is Cavallaro’s last book in the series. For those of you who missed my post about the first two books, or who forgot everything because it’s been 19 years since the second one came out, I’ll summarize. I really enjoyed the first book. I loved the characters, how they adapted to modern times while still being true to the original stories. How the plots were brand new but still felt like Watson and Homes. I really liked them, Cavallro’s a great story teller.

Then I read the second one and really enjoyed it. New characters, new adventures, a wild cliffhanger. My only notable complaint was that the communication between Charlotte and Jamie was rough for a second book in a row. And I don’t love rehashing problems that have already been solved.

I’ll tell you now, I really liked parts of the third book. But guess what my biggest complaint was. Yep, same thing. This book is like, 350ish pages and Charlotte and Jamie do not speak to each other UNTIL PAGE 280. Not that they didn’t think about each other, or talk about the other one. Oh no, there’s plenty of that. But in classic Charlotte fashion Jamie is kept in the dark for most of this book.

Which is such a bummer. Because there were a lot of other good elements and some nicely tied up loose ends from Cavallaro! I was even happy with the ending and y’all know I’m very rarely happy with an ending. But the not speaking for 2/3rds thing was so annoying I couldn’t ignore it.

So yes you should still read this one, just know that there are some issues.

Unrelated, but I just went to the book store AND the library so the posts are about to real. I’m the mean time, if you need me I’ll be curled up on the couch with a book.