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Envy, Sandra Brown

All hail the queen of -surprise you don’t know anything- endings.

Y’all know at this point, or this point, that I love Brown’s work. I love a good mystery that makes you think you know what’s happening but you read the end and it’s almost entirely wrong.

And sometimes it’s nice to read something that isn’t a life altering, brain melting, symbolism heavy story. Just a good mystery.

And what makes Envy one of my favorites? Why, the plot of course.

Our protagonist Maris (rough name) works at her father’s publishing agency in NY. She’s sent the first chapter of a book, and it’s so incredible she travels across the country to hunt down the mysterious author and demand the remaining chapters.

She’s surprised by what she finds; Parker is prickly, rude, and in a wheelchair. She’s also incredibly attracted to him, which is a problem considering the fiance back home. The fiance who also works for her father at the publishing house.

But she’s determined not to act on that attraction and to help Parker finish his riveting story. The more Parker let’s her read, the more she loves it. But there’s a problem.

Maris becomes convinced that Parker’s story isn’t fiction. And if it’s real, who’s the antagonist?

There’s a lot of drama, and since I live for the drama, I was a big fan. And even though I’d sort of pieced some of it together toward the end, I hadn’t gotten it completely. Which I love.

If you also live for the drama, you should read it. Or if you like plot and characters you should also read it. Then you should join my Sandra Brown fan club (current members: me) and we can fan girl together.

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