DUN DUN DUN. WARE. THE DEATH OF MRS.WESTAWAY. So already we’ve got some interesting things going on here. Like you know, death.

Which is what intrigued me when I went to pick up a book for the plane ride home. If you’ve been keeping up for a minute, you know I’ve already read Woman in Cabin 10. It was good, but not like super great. I imagine some of that was because of the hype so I read the back of this one and wanted to give Ware another shot.

This heroine, Hal, is a gypsy tarot card reader who works on a pier and her life has been hella rough since her mom died. For instance, she owes a scary loan shark lots of money.  So when she gets an envelope saying she’s the beneficiary of a Mrs. Westaway’s will, she decides to take advantage. Sure Hal wrestles back and forth with it, is it the right thing to do, ect ect. But ultimately decides she has no other options.

All she has to do is pretend to be the daughter of a long lost daughter of Mrs. Westaway. Simple, right?

Hal isn’t really a mind reader but she makes tarot work, which convinces her she could pull this off. Hal attends the funeral, meets some people who think she’s their niece, and stays at the creepy family manor.


What I image the manor looked like. Idk

What follows is a wild story of twists, turns, and tons of skeletons in closets.

It took a litttttle bit too long to wrap up for me, but it was a good ending! I figured out part of it, but not the whole thing. I definitely liked it better than Woman in Cabin 10.

Hal was compelling and semi complex. I don’t know if I liked her, but she was interesting at least. The other family members were an interesting bunch with their own personalities. The housekeeper was a #stereotype but we can’t have it all.

When the suspicious old housekeeper is hiding something

The writing was engaging enough that even when I was annoyed with the slow plot, I continued on. There were intermittent mysterious diary entries that helped to give us context and spice up the writing.

Basically, it was an interesting story and had some cool characters. It won’t revolutionize the genre but it’s a good read.