What a cute book.

My best friend and I recently did a book swap. I know I’ve mentioned that she and I have pretty different taste (she’s a YA queen) but that doesn’t mean it’s bad! So in the interest of expanding horizons, and sparing wallets, we temporarily traded some books. SIDE NOTE: IF YOU’VE EVER BORROWED ONE OF MY BOOKS GIVE IT BACK. Ok any way, this wasn’t a YA but it has a similar style. I shall expand.

Butland’s novel, oh so cleverly named, is a sweet heartwarming novel about books and healing.

¬†Our protagonist Loveday has had a rough life. That wasn’t always true, but we learn about how her beautiful family imploded and how it’s shaped the rest of her life. Foster care also had a little bit to do with it. Then there’s the bookshop. Most people say books are their escape but Loveday means it more literally.


There’s also a handsome new man who writes poetry, an ex-man who is the worst. An annoying coworker and a bookshop owner who’s more like a father. Butland does a good job with character creation.

And slowly, Loveday learns to live again. It’s very sweet.

But one of the really fun things about this book was it’s format. Each chapter is labeled as a different fiction genre. Poetry, History, Travel, Memoir, Crime. And since they aren’t all linear, the genres help piece the story together. Butland unfolded the story slowly, but not so slowly that it’s boring.

It wasn’t an insane story that’s changed all of fiction, but it’s sweet and good and enjoyable. So if that’s what you’re looking for, pick up Butland’s work.

PS I just watched ‘To All the Boys I Loved Before‘ and ‘The Guernsey Literary and Potato Pie Society” in one weekend. And I’m reminded of the importance of story telling, and representation, and telling the truth, and how media shapes who we are, and that art reflects life. It’s been a wild weekend.

But, keep writing. Keep watching movies and creating. Keep talking and loving. And no matter what else you do, keep reading!