After being emotionally beaten down by A Little Life, I wanted something light. But still good and enjoyable and sweet. Choi’s Emergency Contact delivered.

Penny is a very uptight, responsible, type A college freshman. High school was a wash and her Mom acts more like a teenager than she does. Penny is very excited about starting college and getting away.

Sam is a college drop out who’s had it rough. His home life wasn’t great then he fell in love with an awful ice queen. He wants to get his life on track but that’s hard to do when he works at a coffee shop and sleeps in the back.

They meet and, one very awkward encounter later, swap numbers. They stay in touch, texting all the time and calling occasionally. But Penny has to remind herself that they’re just friends. Right, Choi? Besides, even if she wanted to be more, there would be too many obstacles in the way. Right, Choi?

Very cute story. Throw in some mama drama, roommates, homework, then a hospital visit and you’ve got a very realistic modern love story.

It wasn’t perfect. Choi included a couple of things that made me want to roll my eyes and Penny can be a jerk. But the characters felt very real to me. If I had to guess, Choi based the characters on people she knew very well. But they were still universal enough I could relate. And the writing was good. It was perfect for the story and the format felt particularly sweet? I’m not sure the best way to describe it but sweet is close enough.

So if you like stories that are realistic but cute with a happy ending, check it out! It’s Choi’s first novel and I thought it was worth the read!

Tbh I finished this book a few days ago but I had a Travis Scott concert, a MO concert, and a photoshoot one night at work so I been busy.

But! I also went to Barns and Nobel with my BFF. Even though I decided I needed to stop buying books because I was running out of space. #jokes

I know one girl who picks from recommended lists on Goodreads and a guy from school who only reads Man Booker Prize nominees. For me, there isn’t one set way to do it. As long as I get a good book, I’m happy.

How do you pick out books? Tell me below!