This book was cute! Not a lot of intellectual simulation, or amazing writing, or inventive plot points, but Guillory definitely knows how to do cute! So if cute is what you aim for, then it’s probably worth it! But in all honesty, I was underwhelmed.

I don’t read a lot of contemporary romance (read: none), but I’d seen some positive stuff on the internet about Guillory’s latest book and needed a read for the plane ride to New York! I read the whole thing on the plane ride there, roughly 5 hours, and it was fine.

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Bestie outside the library

Nik goes to a Doger’s game with her very casual boyfriend and he proposes on the jumbo tron. And misspelled her name in the process. Carlos is a nice guy and hustles her out of the stadium before the cameras can swoop in and ruin her life.

Which is basically the blurb on the back of the book. And what everyone references about this book. Probably because it’s the only interesting part of the book. 

The writing is rough and full of cliches, the plot is really basic, and unfortunately the pacing was weird. A hard pass in nearly every aspect. Sorry Guillory.

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But for positives, the characters are super diverse and that is totally awesome!

Nik is black and Carlos is latino. Nik’s two best friends are Dana, who is a black lesbian and Courtney, who describes herself as a plump Korean.

And it was cute! That’s all I got.

So I will not be reading Guillory’s The Wedding Date. Apparently they have some of the same characters.

But now we can talk about NEW YORK!!! Went with the bestie, hung out with the sisters, and it was amaze. And I stopped at some amazing book sites!

We went to Strand, Three Lives & Company, and the NY Public Library! It was an amazing trip for a lot of reasons but I am so thankful that I have a friend who loves me enough to let me walk around stacks of books for hours.

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I’m a rain gear model now