YOU GUYS. I MET SANDRA BROWN. SHE IS SO NICE AND AMAZING. I’m never going to recover from this. And Outfox was so good. Ugh. I’m deed.

Here’s the skinny. This past weekend was the San Diego Book Festival and my best friend and I signed up ages ago to volunteer. We attended last year’s event and it was so cool to hang out with other people in the book lover community and listen to so many inspiring authors. And then last minute they added Sandra Brown to the line up!! I was FREAKING OUT. So I got to sit in on her panel discussion, and she signed my book, and we talked about Texas, and I tried not to fan girl too hard but I don’t know how successful that was, then she took a photo with me and honestly, she is so kind.

I look like a mess but it’s me and SANDRA BROWN!!!!

Like people always make comments about realizing your hero is just a person and that’s true, but she was so gracious and sweet. She signed books and listened to everyone who stopped her. It was incredible.

There were also lots of other amazing speakers and I bought lots of books/book related things I probably don’t need. So if you’re in San Diego next August, I totally recommend.

The book fest was so fun!

And the timing of this is great because recently, Sandra Brown (an official first-y last-y now) recently released another novel, Outfox! It’s one of my favorites from the past few years. Here’s the plot.

Dex Easton, FBI agent, is searching for a serial killer. This killer, who once went by the name Weston Graham, marries wealthy women, takes their money, then kills them. The FBI has been looking for him for years and Dex believes he’s found him.

Now going by the name Jasper Ford, the man has recently married a woman named Talia. She’s much younger than him, and extremely wealthy. Dex pretends to be their neighbor and meets the pair. But when he finds an old connection he had to decide, is Talia the next victim? Or his accomplice?

Brown’s latest, Outfox. Yes I went and bought it the day it came out.

In case you can’t tell, I thought Outfox was really good. Dex is such an interesting character. I was able to solve the twist but not up until right near the very end. The romance level was a little less hot than the past couple of books but it actually made it more compelling because we’re left on edge longer. I really loved it. Y’all go read it. Or any of her other one’s I’ve recommended.

Also omg this is my 100th post. The book nerd-ness is REAL. Thanks for coming with me on this wild journey.