Bruh, this book was not good. Like, I didn’t even want to finish it but I was about halfway through so I was like fine I might as well. Sorry Rai.

Rhiannon, who’s name I had to look up because she was very forgettable even though I read this book two weeks ago, starts a dating app that sounds basically like Bumble. She’s no nonsense and has lots of unbreakable rules when it comes to men.

Me @ Rhiannon

Which is all well and good until she attends a tech conference and runs into the one man she broke her ‘no second nights’ rule for. Samson.

I think it’s important to mention some details here. She gave him a fake name and was only in the area to match with him because SHE WAS LITERALLY STALKING AN ELDERLY WOMAN WHO HAD IGNORED HER EMAILS. AND HE ONLY GHOSTED BECAUSE HE HAD A MEDICAL EMERGENCY. Which Samson couldn’t explain since she blocked him and the aforementioned fake name was useless.

Maybe Rai watches a lot of soap operas?

Turns out the retired football star is working for her competition, a dating site, and he’s the nephew of the old lady she’d been stalking. He spots her in the crowd and tries to find her to talk, but she literally runs away. But he’s in luck, the two are going to be a panel during the conference. That luck quickly runs out when she won’t give him the time of day.

Then we spend A LOT of time in her head, lamenting the inability of men to keep their word and not allowing for any exceptions ever. It’s tiresome. It’s also tiresome that he shows her over and over and over again that he’s a good guy who’s trustworthy and supportive but she refuses to believe it.

She can’t believe it because ‘someone hurt her and it effected her career.’ This is alluded to SO OFTEN that when Rai gives us the whole, sordid story it was like yeah, I put the piece together about 100 pages ago.

Another contributing factor to her hard shell? Her mom told her when she was a literal child, that the best revenge is success. And she hasn’t let that go. She thinks about that conversation sooooooooooo frequently; she must have had a really boring childhood if that left such a big impact.

But then, the competition’s company is up for sale. And she decides maybe she’ll give Samson another chance.

Not a great plot. 

And not great characters. 

There is nothing wrong with a strong independent woman. But there is nothing enjoyable about a two dimensional character who was ‘hurt before so I can’t trust literally any man ever again for years.’ I’m serious, she had the same three monologues in her head all the time. It’s basically all she and her BFF talked about over and over, and then every time anything goes a smidgen wrong, she shut down or used her past as an excuse.

Which would maybe be more understandable if she was like, 14 and being dramatic. Alas, she was much older than 14. 

Also the plot was hella weak. The whole like mysterious MIA aunt who can’t stand crowds and disappears all the time but then randomly has a spine and fires a chief advisor. And don’t get me started on the competition to buy the dating site. The two other buyers at the end who bailed for dumb reasons and the evil ex shows up again.

All that combined with the, ‘I created a dating app but I’m pretty much anti happily ever afters’ theme felt tired.

And then, omg the ending. Samson was putting in way more work than her. Ugh. Did not like it. I think he could have done better. Sorry 2.0 Rai.

The writing was fine, but nothing special. Certainly not worth sitting through that plot or those characters. Read The Hating Game or Flatshare instead.