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The Worst Best Man, Mia Sosa

Remember when I said you that I’m reading a lot of contemporary romance right now? I wasn’t kidding. I’ve been reading A LOT of them. Including my first Mia Sosa book, The Worst Best Man!

But first, to really appreciate the excessive amount of books I’ve read, I need to give a shout out to Libby. Sure I’ve gotten some books from a local bookstore, I’ve read some off my shelves, stolen some from my parents. But above all, I have been borrowing books off Libby. It’s how I’ve read/listened to 32 books in the last eight weeks. And it’s one of the things keeping me sane. So if you don’t have Libby, get it!

If your library’s access to Libby sucks, write a letter! Demand better! You deserve it! _ climbs off soapbox _

Back to Sosa . Here’s a plot run down. Carolina is a wedding planner. And while she does an amazing job planning other people’s weddings, she isn’t too fond of love herself. Understandable since she was left at the alter by her own fiance years earlier. She blames Max, her fiance’s brother, for the abandonment after a vague text seemingly implicates him.

Did I mention I’m rewatching The Office & it’s the BEST

But that was like, three years ago. She’s totally moved on.

Until she gets an opportunity to become THE wedding planner of a very fancy and exclusive hotel. 

All she has to do is complete a project and prove she has what it takes. No problem, right?

What she doesn’t know is that her ex fiance and Max are also working on the project in a marketing capacity. And in her shock at seeing them, Carolina lies and acts like she doesn’t know the pair. Which, based on any plot ever, is totally not going to come back and bite her in the butt.

But at least Carolina gets to team up with Max instead of his brother! So they embark on their shared professional journey. What could go wrong?


Unfortunately, this book fell into too many classic romance pitfalls for me.

Carolina’s guarded, not super cooperative, and generally makes Max’s life hell. Which got old pretty quick. Is it fair that she was mad at Max? Sure. Except it’s been years. And shouldn’t she channel those feelings at the guy who actually left her at the altar?

But maybe that’s just me.

Eventually they come to a tentative agreement to lay down their weapons and work as a team. As they get closer, they discover they actually kinda like each other. Who would have thought.

The only wedding I care about

Shortly thereafter they HAVE to pretend they’re a married couple and at a couple’s retreat. Which means they HAVE to share a bed. And we know how that trope works.

Honestly, after that things get weird. Max declares his feelings, Carolina kinda does the same, then they hook up. But the next morning Carolina declares they can not be a thing.

Eventually Carolina agrees to see Max on the low and then develops strong feelings. She hides them because it’s ~too complicated~ and she’s been hurt before. By his brother.

Then of course, their relationship become #exposed and then the lie about not knowing each other is #exposed and it’s like oh no, whatever will we do. And then it works itself out. Happily ever after for all.

Sorry book 🙁

So it was fine. But not very emotionally satisfying. Like, my expectations for a romance are pretty much that it’s going to take me on an emotional journey and in the end it will have been worth it. That doesn’t necessarily mean the couple work out, but it is worth the journey anyway. This one had almost no journey. Like, lots of cliches and kinda trope-y characters and then when it worked out exactly how you’d expect. I was left being like, ok, so?

Maybe I could have gotten past that but the writing wasn’t particularly impressive either. 

Not a bad story, just not a really good one either. I’d save this for when you’ve read everything else and this is all they have on the self at the airport that isn’t about a plane crash. 

If you’re looking for romance, PLEASE read Beach Read. It’s incredible.

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  1. Debs

    Is this a review or summary it has spoilers all through. Couldn’t even bare to read it to the end 🤦🏽‍♀️

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