OH BISH. Buckle up for this one. I’m so ready. After years of swearing never to publish Midnight Sun, apparently Meyer started to run out of Twilight money because here we are, 650 pages of Edward’s perspective later. And it is wild.

Oh Twilight. A wild ride from high school that I look back on with some fondness and humor. I was never a big Twilight girl, Harry Potter took up all the space in my heart, but I definitely remember the Twilight craze. In fact, the craze was so real that I finally broke down and read all four books in one weekend in 2008 right after Breaking Dawn was released.

And at the time, it was VERY scandalous. My small Texas town was shook by the few vague sentences dedicated to the wedding night. I literally had friends who’s parents paper clipped those like 2 pages together so their kids wouldn’t read them. Not the bloody, undead bits. The wedding night.

I’m so thankful my parents are rational. For awhile there, we were the ‘rebel kids’ because we were allowed to read Harry Potter. Seriously, like people were freaked.

An amazing scene
Any way, back to Twilight.

I was not particularly impressed by the books; Bella seemed two dimensional, the love triangle felt silly and drawn out, Edward was pretty insufferable although I was on his team. So I never reread the books, I’ve seen the first movie and Breaking Dawn part 1, and I figured that was enough. And then Midnight Sun.

Most of the positive reviews I saw were tied specifically to elements of nostalgia and were not literary, but I figured, why not! We’re trapped inside, might as well read super thick books that are probably terrible.

Yeah you are

And it was pretty terrible. I liked getting into Edward’s head, getting some background, learning more about his family and seeing things from his point of view. It fleshed him out (lol vampire jokes) and made him seem marginally less creepy.

Unfortunately those elements don’t make up for the incredibly slow and repetitive writing.

I kid you not, we had to get like, 300 something pages in before Bella is even like bro I know what you are. 300 pages! Absolutely not.

The swag in this scene is unparalleled

Then we get to the writing itself. I assumed the original series had subpar writing because Meyer wrote them for young adults and she assumed they couldn’t comprehend good writing. But she knew darn well that Midnight Sun was going to be read by adults. You couldn’t have edited it from it’s 2000’s origins to elevate the writing at all? And no one on the editing team spoke up?

Yeah, it was bad. Meyer proved once again that you don’t have to be a particularly accomplished writer to become famous. But I, like many other thousands of readers, enjoyed it for the blast from the past feeling. And it was nice switch things up after some of my recent reads.

So if that’s what you’re looking for to fill up our mandatory time indoors, power to you!
Between this and Lighthouse and Devil All the Time and Batman, I’m having a great time.

Ok I saw Tenet at the drive in the other day to support my main man Rob and after finishing Midnight Sun I decided to re-watch the first Twilight movie and it is God awful. I was seriously laughing out loud. Some of it is of the era; the ‘artsy’ camera angles and angsty music. But some of it is that it’s a poorly written story with flat characters. Although it’s great to see how far the cast has come! Society owes Kristin an apology for sure.

ALSO. Oh my gosh, I almost forgot to mention Brad Pitt. Phew, that was a close one. Ok, so the other day I watched Interview With The Vampire and it was so wild. Mostly in a bad way but I loved it. And that’s when I discovered the one element of Twilight that I actually thought was pretty interesting was 100% a rip off.

The volturi. How cool would a secret European ruling class of vampires be? The opulence and drama, I loved it. AND IT’S STRAIGHT UP STOLEN FROM ANNE RICE. Antonio Banderas did not wear red velvet and a wig for this level of disrespect.