Happy 2021! A new day, a new month, a new year! Like the crisp first page of a notebook, 2021 presents an opportunity to start fresh. And after 2020, we need it. One thing that won’t change? My reading habits.

As in, I’m going to continue to read. I think I may switch up the genres and try to read some more classics. Although then you have to get into the whole, what is a classic and who decides, what about unequal opportunities. Great questions. And one I’ll save fore another day. Because today, we’re talking about a super cute YA, When Dimple Met Rishi!

Menon has good taste

My bestie lent me When Dimple Met Rishi after I asked about the title of the third book in the series, 10 Things I Hate about Pinky. Sound like a familiar to anyone else?

When Dimple Met Rishi is about two Indian-American teens (you guessed it, Dimple and Rishi) who have the most unconventional romance I’ve read in a minute.

Dimple resents the expectations thrust upon her based on her Indian heritage. Her mom acts like being beautiful and finding a husband is Dimple’s sole purpose in life and Dimple isn’t interested. So she’s surprised and elated when her parents agree to let her go to a student web development conference for a few weeks.

But she isn’t asking why, she’s busy packing her bags.

Rishi on the other hand, appears to be much more comfortable with the expectations of being the eldest son of an Indian-American family and is content to find a wife, go to a good school, get a good job, and lead the family. He’s headed to the same conference but he’s bringing more than clothes and a laptop. He’s bringing a family ring.

We’re shocked

For Dimple.

See, their parents arraigned for them to get together, assuming they get along well. Rishi’s anxious to meet Dimple because he believes in true love and has no doubt that it can be real for him too, even in an arraignment. The only problem is, Dimple’s parents didn’t tell her about this little set up. Queue the chaos.

Honestly, it was a really cute read. Both characters grew and developed a lot, sometimes in surprising ways, and it was a joy to follow along. Rishi finds he might not be as content as he seems and Dimple finds she likes having someone in her corner.

Dimple won’t let them date, but as their friendship developed I was rooting hard for them to end up together.

There was also a scavenger hunt, exploration of personal identity, the most awkward dinner of all time, lots of web development competition, family dynamics, and something is definitely going on between Rishi’s brother and Dimple’s roommate.

It’s called Mismatched? Must investigate further

So if you’re looking for something kinda short and very sweet, I totally recommend When Dimple Met Rishi! (Also Windfall.) At some point I’ll get around to the rest of the series and apparently it inspired a Netflix show? Add it to my never ending queue!